Tourism in Armenia

To see Armenia and…to set the heart on getting back there.

During the last decade the development of tourism in Armenia is being rapidly effected.  Experienced travelers will tell you about the intricacies of the tourism in Armenia in essays we are publishing.
Yes, Armenia is an ancient country and therefore it is called “A museum in the open air.” In this small mountain country, there are over four thousand unique monuments.
As it is known, biblical Noah landed on one of the slopes of Ararat to give a second chance to the humanity. The best view of the biblical mount opens from the site of monastery “Khor Virap”, in good weather Ararat is completely visible. Monastery Khor Virap deserves attention itself. It was built in the 7th century and is located on the area of the ancient capital of Armenia.
Among the pre-Christian cult buildings the most famous is temple of Garni built in the first century with the financial support of the Emperor Nero. The Zoroastrian temple in honor of God of Sun Mithras architecturally resembles the Parthenon. The remains of the fortress, Palace and the remains of Roman baths with mosaics on the floor have been survived to the present days on the site..
Among medieval Christian monasteries, probably, the most interesting is monastery Noravank, built on the top of a rock, in the canyon of the river Arpa in the early 13th century.

Resorts of Armenia

The most popular resort is alpine Dilijan in pinewoods. One may drink the mineral water, similar to the water in Karlovy Vary, in the town of Jermuk, located at the altitude of over 2000 meters. The word “Jermuk” means “hot spring”. Enthusiasts of extreme tourism in Armenia also may find matched opportunities.  Tsaghkadzor is suitable for skiers of all levels, especially it is located close to Alpine lake Sevan, one of the largest lakes in the world.

Not to feel like a stranger

In Armenia you will not find neither a single person who does not speak Russian, nor a single Museum or a Church without labels in Russian. You will understand that you are not only a guest but a neighbour, who is always welcome. Thanks to the rise of the tourism in Armenia in 2017, when foreign passports have been repealed, the competition between travel agencies is intense. As a result, actually any agency will provide you with a set of high quality services for сheap prices. Come and check it out. I am sure, you will be pleasantly surprised.