From time immemorial Armenians  participated in the Olympic games in ancient Greece. The first Armenian taken part in the Games in Olympia (Greece) was King Trdat I, who has actedthe race of chariots yoked by four horses more than two thousand years ago.Moreover, Armenia held its own Olympics, the so-called“Navasardovsk games”.
Armenian SSR has given the Soviet team 12 Olympic champions. Today, athletes from Armenia Armen Nazaryan and Arthur Aleksanyanare well-known in the world.
In our sportscasts, interviews and other materials we give a talk about the main, bright and interesting events in the world of sports and about selfless athletes, holding high the banner of sports glory of Armenia, as well as we intend to showour vision of modern Armenian sports.

У Армена Агаяна из Пятигорска – бронза Европы

Armen Agayan from Pyatigorsk – bronze European medalist


Armavir judoka Mgdsyan is with European bronze


The champion of Russia on judo. Interview with Zarina Babinyan


Stepan Maranyan. Interview with the champion

Зарина Бабиньян

Zarina Babinyan is with a gold medal of the champion of Russia

Chess in Armenian schools

Теннисист армянского происхождения Карен Хачанов

Tennis- player Karen Khachanov has become the first racket of Russia